Are you a fan of the beauty of leather engraving, and wish there was a local place that specialized in this skill in the Rochester, NH neighborhood?? Well, there is a great engraver who specializes not only in engraving leather but also engraving just about any surface including plastics and stone engraving. It's Bellwether Laser LLC, and we are the finest in engraving, etching, personalizing and marking items with you own personal messages or forms of signage. We are locally owned and run, and enjoy a great reputation in the community for being the best at what we do. What's even better is that we are a local company that is close to Portsmouth, Dover, Newmarket, and Rochester, NH. Our prices are affordable and we're friendly and courteous. We can leave the mark you desire on just about anything. If you've been wondering if you could have a special item etched or engraved but don't know if it's possible, just ring us. 


At Bellwether Laser LLC, we specialize in leather engraving and doing etchings and engraving on numerous surfaces such as stone engraving. Our work is highly sought due to our marvelous attention to detail. We do beautiful work and we're always respectful and courteous. We also charge reasonable rates for our work. We want to become the first place you think of coming to when you need an item marked with our specialized and precise etching or engraving. Whether it's a special trophy or more personal type of etching, you'll find that we'll always deliver the highest caliber of work! 

So, whether you need stone engraving or etching or if you have items for leather engraving, we'll be happy to do our best on any item you choose. We are open 5-days-a-week from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Pay a visit to our website at We look forward to giving you high-quality engraving and etching work on all your items.

Stone Engraving